Sleep habits to break for a better night’s sleep

Bad sleeping Habits to break

With the introduction of technology, our sleeping cycle has gone for a wreck. Our sleeping cycle has been very much affected by technology. But, for a healthy mind and body, one needs to have a good sleep. A good sleeping cycle will ensure that you wake up fresh and every morning you will wake up feeling energetic, and this will set the right tone for your day. We cannot deny the fact that sleep is the most important part of our life.

Break the bad otherwise the bad will break you!

The first step to set your sleeping schedule, you need a sleeping gear that is essential for good sleep. And set the tone right with Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows. These pillows are great when it comes to giving comfort and relaxation to your body.

Many times you have bad sleeping habits and you might not even realize it, but once you switch to a good sleeping schedule you will feel a difference for yourself. Read on to know more about“Bad sleeping habits to break before sleeping”

Bad Sleeping Habits to break immediately.

  1. Drinking or smoking before bed: Drinking alcohol just before sleeping will surely disturb the sleeping cycle. as it doesn’t allow the mind to rest properly.
  2. Watching Television: It has become a habit of not only adults but also children to fall asleep watching TV. After a hectic and tiring day, people resort to TV for entertainment but they fort=get to track the time and people tend to sleep late. Sleeping late is surely going to cause you trouble the next day.
  3. Exercising just before going to bed: There is the appropriate time for everything and late at night is not the right time for exercising. This will not allow your body to rest and sleep peacefully.
  4. Say No To screens: Limit your screen time. Using mobiles just before sleeping is a big NO. You should stop using your mobile phone, one hour before your sleeping time.
  5. Eating just before your sleep time: Everyone has those late-night cravings, and if it happens once in a while then it might not cause you trouble but if it is becoming your habit to eat late at night then it is going to cause you a lot of health problems.
  6. Bad sleeping Hygiene: Sleeping requires a good environment and to have a good sleep. You should always wash your bed sheets and pillow covers. You can also start Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows that don’t allow bacteria or mold to grow on a pillow.


Good Sleeping Habits will lead you to a good and healthy lifestyle and bad sleeping habits are going to lead to a lifestyle that is going to cause you a lot of trouble in long run. And the first step to take towards a better lifestyle should be to switch to pillows that are comfortable and relaxing. Say bye to your old and rigid pillows, and welcome home the new pillows that will set the tone right for your sleeping habits.

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